Tottenham Hotspur Partnership

Trinity Grammar School, Kew and Tottenham Hotspur Announce Global Football Development Partnership

Trinity Grammar School, Kew and Tottenham Hotspur have today announced an exciting multi-year football coaching partnership.

In a first for the state of Victoria, Trinity Grammar School students will have the opportunity to learn the Tottenham Hotspur coaching philosophy under the guidance of expert coaches.

The partnership will see a Tottenham Hotspur global football development coach deliver an annual 12-week coaching program to students across the school and to partner organisations, focusing on football development, understanding of the game and strategies.

The program, beginning in 2025, will also provide valuable insights into career pathways, leveraging the Tottenham Hotspur Global Football Development network across numerous countries and continents.

Adrian Farrer, Trinity Grammar School, Kew Principal, said: “We are excited to be partnering with Tottenham Hotspur as we seek to ensure our students get access to the best coaching and development opportunities available. We want our students to aspire to be the best that they can be as players and people, and look forward to collaborating with Tottenham on the pitch, within our curriculum offering and wherever new opportunities exist.”

Chris Acaster, Head of Global Coaching for Tottenham Hotspur said: “The partnership with Trinity Grammar School Melbourne is a hugely exciting moment for us as a Club as we continue to see growth for our Global Football Development Programme. Our programmes are spread far and
wide across the globe, impacting thousands of aspiring players and coaches every year, and we can’t wait to begin this journey with Trinity as our new partners.”

Trinity will further utilise the program to provide masterclasses and specific training camps and activities to partner schools and the local community.

Through Trinity’s connections, the coach will work with local primary schools and community groups to provide access to skills training and programs.

Trinity Grammar School will be able to leverage the expert knowledge of the Tottenham Hotspur coaching network prior to program delivery, including a number of activities during the Club’s visit to Melbourne for a post-season fixture against fellow Premier League side Newcastle United on Wednesday 22nd May 2024.

The Tottenham Hotspur Global Football Development Programme works closely with the Club’s Academy and Women’s Junior Talent Pathway to provide individual progression pathways for players of all development levels.

Player development is at the heart of the Club and The Global Development team impact over 45,000 players and coaches annually, as well as demonstrating year-on-year growth. Technical sessions are delivered by FA and UEFA-qualified coaches who take inspiration from the Club’s Men’s and Women’s First Team training methods to help develop every player that takes part on our programmes.

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A celebration of our identity

A celebration of our identity

The “green and the gold and the Mitre” have connected our community from the classroom to the sports field for generations.

There have been many shades of the Trinity “green and gold”, just as the flourishes around the Mitre have appeared, disappeared and reappeared, varying in colour, detail, font, shape and size. It’s fascinating to walk around the campus and see the many different variations engraved on signs, trophies, buildings and plaques.

They were then, and will continue to be, a special part of who we are.

Over the past 18 months, the Communications team have been working with the Trinity Archives, the Senior Leadership Team, teaching staff, current and past students and parents to explore how we can align the Trinity brand with more contemporary (and digital!) applications.

A Brand Alignment Working Group comprising of students, staff, parents and alumni have worked alongside the team, offering their perspectives to ultimately help us support and strengthen Trinity’s future.

The updated brand assets have been presented to and endorsed by School Council and members of the Stakeholder Group, who resonated with our goal of achieving a clear, consistent and ultimately “Trinity” look and feel.

“Certainly it is challenging to encapsulate all that Trinity represents in any branding but the streamlined and clear designs will enhance the school’s communication within its own community and beyond” – Kate Hall

“This project takes the main elements from the many TGS crests that have evolved over a significant period of time, and draws them into a simple, clear, recognisable design for the future” – Rick Tudor

“A consistent voice and unified visual identity are essential components of a strong brand. The proposed new Trinity branding is clear, contemporary and compelling.” – Murray Verso (OTG 1966)

It’s typical for a school such as ours to consider the brand every 5-7 years or so. It’s been a little longer for us, and with the recent launch of the Strategic Plan, it’s timely that we bring the “green and the gold and the Mitre” into its next evolution.

Over the next few months, you’ll see some of these changes trickled out across our communication channels, starting today with the launch of our new website.

This project has been a celebration of who we are, and it has been such a joy to work with the Trinity community to evolve the “green and the gold and the Mitre” together.

Adrian Farrer

Previous iteration

Updated iteration