Strategic Plan

As we imagine our future, we do so emphasising a personalised approach to learning, leading, wellbeing and agency.
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Trinity 2030: Strategic Plan

For 120 years Trinity Grammar School, Kew has been an aspirational learning community and one which has prized a “values education”. As we pause to consider the next step in our future, adding to our proud past, we do so with a knowledge that it is culture that defines TGS.

As we emerge through the tail of the pandemic, we have the opportunity to reset our thinking and set our direction for Trinity’s future. We can lean on the things we understand to be particularly us – the value we place on the individual, the richness of genuine partnerships and the expectation of a humble approach – as well as a history of innovation that has benefitted the students in our care.

At Trinity, we strive to ensure each person is known. As we imagine our future, we do so emphasising a personalised approach to learning, leading, wellbeing and agency.

Our plan will inform the structure and setting of our campuses which will complement the school’s commitment to an inclusive and contemporary environment.

This 2030 Strategic Plan provides the opportunity for our people to embark on their own Trinity adventure, and help to shape our world beyond.

Virilite Agite

Adrian Farrer, Principal

Simon Gipson, Chair of Council 

Our Strategy

This strategic plan builds on the past and the school’s reputation for innovation, service, community connection, high achievement and leadership. It represents a considered evolution of the holistic approach to education and the development of young people that defines Trinity. The development of the circular representation seeks to reflect the integrated nature of the strategy within our purpose, or answer the question – why do we exist?

At the centre sits the Trinity crest. This represents everyone – past, present and future – for whom the school dedicates and focuses its work and the strategic intent. It also brings into sharp relief the role and relevance of the school motto, “viriliter agite”. This strategic intent is ambitious and will require us to act courageously as an aspirational learning community that inspires every individual to thrive and contribute positively to society.

View the full Trinity 2030 Strategic Plan below


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