VCE results

The Class of 2023 attained a median ATAR of 91, a median Study Score of 35 and 12 perfect Study Scores across eight subjects.

In my role, it is an honour to walk with our staff and parent community to shepherd our young people through their educational journey at Trinity Grammar School, Kew.

The release of VCE results early this morning marks a special milestone for our Class of 2023.

This year, our cohort attained a median ATAR of 91, a median Study Score of 35 and 12 perfect Study Scores across eight subjects.

19 students (11%) achieved an ATAR of 99 or above, 54% received a 90 or above, and 72% received an 80 or above.

Our Dux and 2023 School Captain Michael Fan received the highest-possible ATAR of 99.95.

While these results don’t tell the whole story of our young people, they do demonstrate the extraordinary commitment of our students to their studies and to their aspirations beyond school. They are also testament to the community who have supported them throughout their education – the teachers and support staff at Trinity, together with our students’ families and support networks at home. For those who did not quite achieve the results they were after, we are supporting them in ensuring their options are known and relevant.

Together with the Trinity community, I would like to congratulate every one of our graduates on their achievements. We are proud of you.

Adrian Farrer


VCE Results Highlights

Our Dux achieved the highest possible ATAR score of


Median ATAR


Median Study Score


Perfect Study Scores across eight subjects


Received an ATAR of 99 or above


Received an ATAR of 90 or above


Received an ATAR of 80 or above


Students who ranked in the top 1%


2023 Dux of Trinity Grammar School, Kew

Michael Fan (ATAR of 99.95)

Introducing our Dux for 2023, Michael! Our 2023 School Captain received the highest-possible ATAR of 99.95.

During his time at Trinity Grammar School, Michael emerged as an exemplary student who keenly embraced opportunities for intellectual and personal growth, crafting an extraordinary legacy of achievements in both academic and extracurricular spheres.

Michael not only capably fulfilled his leadership responsibilities as the 2023 School Captain, but also garnered recognition with Prizes for English and German on Presentation Night. Across all subjects, he consistently achieved Distinctions, exemplifying his dedication to his studies.

As a Year 11 student in 2022, Michael achieved a perfect score of 50 in Mathematical Methods, underscoring his exceptional aptitude for complex subjects. He was also identified as a Kwong Lee Dow Scholar in 2021.

Michael’s dynamic engagement extended beyond the classroom, showcasing his talents as a keen debater, devoted musician and influential student leader. His involvement in sport was equally commendable, exemplified by his role as the 2023 Kayaking Captain, attesting to a well-rounded commitment to cocurricular endeavours.

‘There is so much to love about TGS, but in particular, the nature of how our leadership works,’ Michael said on his appointment as School Captain last year. ‘It is through a culture of giving back, allowing the younger students to experience what we have experienced, that makes the school so special, inspiring me to continue the cycle.’

2023 Proxime Accessit of Trinity Grammar School, Kew

Alastair Murphy (ATAR of 99.90)

Introducing our 2023 Proxime Accessit, Alastair, who received an ATAR of 99.90!

Alastair’s journey at Trinity began in Year 5 in 2016, and from the outset, he proved to be an exceptional student and leader.

Alastair was recognised for his extraordinary commitment to his studies with the J D Levick Prize for Physics, as well as several Distinctions and external accolades. As a member of the World Championship-winning F1 in Schools team “Hydron”, Alastair showcased not only his academic brilliance but also his innovation and teamwork. Notably, Alastair’s achievements reached an international stage when he was selected to represent Australia at the Asian and International Physics Olympiads in Mongolia and Japan, a testament to his outstanding capabilities in the field.

In leadership roles as Co-Captain of Academics and Co-Editor of the Mitre, Alastair demonstrated a commitment to supporting the academic interests of his peers. Through the T-Talk program, he enriched the academic environment, fostering a culture of knowledge-sharing and collaboration.

Alastair made significant contributions to Arnold House, leaving a lasting impact as a strong contributor. His passion for sport was evident through his participation in Kayaking during both the summer and winter seasons, showcasing a well-rounded approach to his school life.