Day in the life of a Trinity student

Every day at Trinity looks a bit different!

Every day at Trinity looks a bit different!
Follow along with Aden, Year 12, as he takes you through his day as a Trinity student.

May Gala Concert performance day: 31 May 2023

Angus (Year 12), Music Captain


9:03 Our bus to rehearsals was late and I was hungry so Ms Hendehewa gave me a bun from Baker’s Delight

9:16 On the bus


9:53 Arrive at Melbourne Recital Centre


1:15 Finish rehearsal

4:19 Get ready


Stuck in traffic ‘til 6:18

6:25 Group huddle backstage


6:45 Perform in Suzuki Violins Ensemble, perform in Senior Choir


7:00 Spend 15 minutes calming down before making a speech

7:15 Make speech

7:23 Realise I went over time and spend 10 minutes stressing about if I messed up the scheduling


7:55 Perform in Senior Strings, perform in Symphony Orchestra

8:32 Fin


8:35 Have a small tear-up and go to foyer to thank people for coming