Masterplan Precincts

Our vision for precincts dedicated to every age and stage.

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Learn more about each of the precincts

Junior School Precinct

 A vision for ELC – Year 4 

Middle Years Precinct

A vision for Year 5 – Year 8 

Senior Years Precinct

A vision for Year 10 – Year 12

South Precinct (The Village)

A vision for Year 9

Community Precinct

A vision for music, sport and event facilities

Junior Years Precinct


The Junior Years Precinct will be comprised of a new Early Learning Centre, Prep building and Years 1-4 precinct utilising the historic Wellington Street properties and the area south of the Peter Crawley Centre for the Arts.  

The heritage homes align with the Reggio Emilia philosophy for the ELC program, whilst geographically aligning the 3 and 4-year-old Kindergarten program with Prep. The new vertical facilities for Years 1 to 4 will be constructed on the adjacent land providing purpose-built early years learning and play spaces.

Initial Masterplan concept for the Junior Years Precinct Upper Ground Floor 

Being connected to a new Recital Hall and the Peter Crawley Centre for the Arts will provide excellent integration to the music program and assembly spaces.  

A rooftop playground, terrace and treetop play space will ensure all ages and experiences are catered for.  

This precinct responds to the strategic concepts of ensuring our youngest students are educated in an environment that is safe, caring and responsive to their specific learning and developmental needs. 

Middle Years Precinct


Upon the establishment of the new Junior School Precinct, the Middle Years cohorts can be brought together in reimagined spaces on the existing Junior School site 

Suitable learning environments will be established in consideration of their age and stage of development.  

Initial Masterplan concept for the Middle Years Precinct Ground Floor 

This precinct will support our cross-age student mentor and leadership programs, whilst ensuring new students to Trinity in key intake years (Year 5 and Year 7) enjoy successful transitions into the program.  

The precinct will also provide enhanced passive and active recreation spaces for this age group with access to sporting and drama facilities on their doorstep. 

Senior Years Precinct


With the relocation of Years 7, 8 and 9 students, the Senior Years Precinct will create a VCE area conducive to their learning and wellbeing needs, whilst enhancing the arrival and academic experience for all senior students including Ruyton Girls’ School students participating in the Coordinate Program.  

Initial Masterplan concept for the Senior Years Precinct Upper Floor 

Enhanced learning spaces, gathering and breakout areas to complement the Rick and Elizabeth Tudor Centre for Contemporary Learning, in addition to enhancing specialist faculties across the precinct, will ensure we prepare our senior students for their various pathways.  

Charles Street would also be transformed to allow for safe pedestrian movement between the precincts.

South Precinct


Within the South Precinct, The Village will be a new home for the Year 9 cohort that provides an environment suited to this age situated in what was commonly known as “frogs hollow”.  

The precinct will allow for a range of pedagogical approaches to be taken within the learning spaces promoting various subject elective options and wellbeing program opportunities. These environments will be coupled with a series of connected learning gardens that promote environmental sustainability, community and connection to country. 

The students will still access the Senior School for various specialist subjects, recreation facilities and the Rick and Elizabeth Tudor Centre for Contemporary Learning, but their primary home will be in The Village.  

Initial Masterplan concept for the South Precinct (The Village) Lower Ground Floor 

The development also incorporates the construction of a 262-car carpark under the Birrell Oval, complete with end of trip facilities, wet weather sport practice facilities and a new home for our Property and Grounds team.  

This will reduce staff vehicles from the various public and private parking zones around the school and enable a safer traffic environment for set-down and pick-up times and for neighbouring residences. 

Community Precinct


The Peter Crawley Centre for the Arts (CFA) and the Cotham Road site are included in the Community Precinct. 

Music Recital Centre
The Masterplan prioritises the establishment of a new Music Recital Centre on the southern end of the CFA that will seat approximately 250 patrons for various musical and school-based events. Refurbishment of the CFA levels to accommodate the expansion of music and relocation of the arts faculty to the Senior Precinct forms part of the vision.   

Sport and Community Centre
The Cotham Road site will be home to a new Sports and Community Centre. A new Olympic-sized indoor pool will be used for lessons and sports, complemented by a Learn to Swim pool, basketball (multi-purpose) court, gyms and training rooms.

The facility will also house a new event centre for various school and community activities adjacent to a rooftop multi-sports synthetic pitch. This centre is proposed to support public access and use.

Initial Masterplan concept for the Community Precinct Ground Floor 

Progress updates will be communicated via this page as planning for these projects unfolds.

For enquires relating to the Masterplan, contact

Trinity 2030

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