Andrew Harris

(OTG 2014)

The Drama program at Trinity offers a plethora of opportunities for students interested in theatre, from on-stage performance roles to backstage lighting and sound design.

Our approach is guided by student voice. Themes explored are selected by and for the students, based on what they express interest in.

Students also have the opportunity to reinterpret and restage various works, underscored by an attitude of collaboration and creativity.

Classroom Drama for every age and stage

Drama is taught from Year 3 in Junior School with a dedicated subject specialist teacher, promoting the development of dramatic skills through creative play.

In Years 7 and 8, Drama is a core subject, underpinned by the values of creativity, collaboration and confidence.

In Years 9 and 10, Drama is offered as an elective. Building on the foundations, students are introduced to theatre styles, professional production analysis and extended performance works.

At the VCE level, both Drama and Theatre Studies are offered in collaboration with Ruyton Girls’ School as part of the Coordinate Program.

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